Friday, November 26, 2010

Met police deny horse charge, 16 images that prove them right

Even better than Sunny Hundal's hyperbole earlier, we now have this.
The only problem is that the images show nothing of the sort. What the images show is a line of police at the beginning at the side of the road with people in front of them.

The images then show horses coming down the road to the side of the same people, and at no point do we have a picture showing anyone in front of the horses as they canter through, although they do show one guy, standing calmly in the street with his hands in his pockets as the horses go past him. See here and here.

So let's get this straight, the horses charged what appear to be pretty much no one, and the only person we can see is someone quite calm and relaxed with his hands in his pocket as they "charge" at him (and miss)?

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