Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Hypocrisy of our Times

I may be behind with this one, so apologies if someone else has already pointed it out, but if you think back to earlier in the year, I did a post suggesting the Tories crowd source their response to the last Labour Budget. The idea led to the Tories setting up a site called yourbudgetresponse.com.

Anyhow, at the time the site was ridiculed by the likes of Liam Byrne as evidence that the Tories had no ideas, needed help, and were basically vacuous. Now, all those things might well have been true for all I know, but there is a reason I mention it, because for some reason, Liam Byrne does not appeared to have said that Labour need help and have no ideas when they set up a site in relation to the Comprehensive Spending Review called, yourbetterway.com.

Highly original name of course, and clearly superbly popular too.

Just saying.

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