Friday, October 08, 2010

Dr Irene Bishop... now where have I heard that name before?

As someone who very briefly was suckered by the compelling pseudo-science that is Marxism, but was then blinded by the light that is common sense realism not long after, I have great sympathy for the "suspended" former-Marxist deputy head who saw the light and spoke eloquently at the Tory conference about the failure of their education system.

I put the word "suspended" in quotes because officially she's been told to "work from home" apparently "while the situation is reviewed." Whether a teacher can work from home is of course one thing, but you have to ask yourself, what situation, and what needs to be reviewed?

She didn't, as I understand it, talk about the school she worked in directly, she didn't name and shame colleagues. She simply stood up and expressed her opinion that the education system is flawed because of the flawed "leftist" assumptions that run through the establishment.

Effectively she was stating that the education system is institutionally leftist. Hardly a shock to anyone really because it is. So why was she sent home from school one might wonder?

Anyway, apparently her fate is in the hand of Dr Irene Bishop, the "executive head teacher" of St Michael and All Angels Academy.

Might this be the same Dr Irene Bishop who was head teacher at St Saviour's and St Olave's in 2001, when the school was used as the launchpad of the Labour 2001 general election campaign?

Errr.... yes.

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