Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meanwhile in the racist world of Whitey

Just imagine the racist world of Whitey, a place where unless you have pale pink skin you'll get nowhere. The economy has had a bit of tumble recently in Whiteyland, after exceptionally high public spending.

One of the Whitey Opposition MPs, let's call her Anne Dabbott, comes out and says that any public spending cuts should be ethnically aware so as to protect the white workforce from being exposed to the harshest of cuts.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring, also Whitey-dominated country of Whitebabwe, the Governemnt has announced, that any company owned by non-whites that is operating in the country must, within five years, give up a 51% controlling stake to white people.

God I hate the politics of identity, it produce4s such contradictory bullshit doesn't it?

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