Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Sunny Hundal and Will Straw.....


I can't help but notice you both took Mark Pack's post yesterday about Matthew Elliott from the "No 2 AV" campaign purchasing the domain "" and have turned it into panty-wetting and girly "dirty tricks" hyperbolic bullshit story of the kind that you both often rail against.

I simply ask, where were the shrieks of "dirty tricks" when the Labour Party quite sensibly registered, and continues to host Why no crying foul at the fact that Clifford Singer, again sensibly and cleverly owns I doubt Sunny is "looking at whether this breaks any rules".

Or how about Clifford's other site, again very clever, Did you fill the proverbial nappy Will at that terrible bit of General Election "dirty tricks"? Of course you didn't, you linked it, as did you Sunny and there was no question of complaining about "domain squatting" on someone's name.

Don't you realise that talking about "dirty tricks" when all that's happened is something you've happily promoted from your own side, sort of makes you look like a couple of sanctimonious tits?

It makes perfect sense for the No campaign to register domains that might be useful for it to slate the Yes campaign, just like it made sense for Clifford and Labour to do what they did.

I guess what I'm trying to say gents, and I say this with an immense amount of love, hugs and kisses, is.......... grow the fuck up.

All the best

Phil aka Dizzy

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