Monday, August 09, 2010

Confusion of the Day

Perhaps it's because it's Monday morning but excuse me for being a little confused by something. So, there's been much hand wringing and moaning on about Naomi Campbell and the fact she was given some blood diamonds allegedly from Charles Taylor (African dictator/freedom fighter depending on your political viewpoint).

The issue at hand appears to be that blood diamonds are terribly wrong because they're basically mined in a war zone and then used to fund the war itself.

Now here's the confusion. If Charles Taylor had just given Naomi Campbell a big fat wad of cash would it have been considered a terrible issue? Likewise, if you fund a war by using used bank notes why is that not considered in the same light as using a lump of what is essentially coal to fund it?


Update: Am not asking why there is a focus on the diamonds, rather I'm wondering why using diamonds to fund a war is any worse than just using cash.

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