Friday, July 30, 2010

There's ugly and there's fugly...

As it's Friday I've decided to give politics a miss and instead provide you with the pearl of wisdom that is my opinion on bloody awful looking cars. Specifically the top five most wrong cars on the road. Kicking off proceeding at Number 5 incidentally is the inspiration for this post which I saw this morning and caused my eyes to bleed.

5: Kia Soul.

Why would anyone want this car, and why would anyone let it even go into production. It looks like someone went crazy with a ruler in places and thought "aerodynamics and curves are soooo last years".

4: The Honda Insight

Look, it was annoying enough when Citroen started doing that thing with the rear wheels, but at least they had the excuse that it was there because of the fancy hydraulic suspension system.

3: The G-Whizz

I don't care if it is a hippy tree-hugging special electric car making it wonderfully "green", LOOK AT IT! It makes a Reliant Robin look stylish and you'd be dead in seconds if you hit a paperbag.

2: The Renault Avantime

If it wasn't bad enough that Renault built the Megane thinking "oh that rear end looks tres magnifique! ooo la la" some other idiot in the company thought it would be good to stretch the bloody thing.

1: Fiat Multipla

You may have thought Fiat stood for "Fix It Again Tomorrow" but you'd be wrong, it actually stands for "Fuck Italian Artistry Today". How 85% share holder of Ferrari and the makers of Fiat 500 came up with the idea of building a car that looks like a cut'n'shut along the horizontal is anybodies guess. My guess is that it was either a big joke on the rest of Europe, or someone spiked the espresso with acid.

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