Thursday, July 15, 2010

LibCon do a tabloid embellishment headline?

Whether I agree with their political view or not, Liberal Conspiracy does, on occasion, do a very good job of hammering certain tabloid newspapers for exaggerating and/or misrepresenting news stories. So imagine my surprise and amusement when I saw this, this morning.

Now let's look at the source story they linked at the Independent.

Spot the difference? Not only do we have the omission that this about Hudson Bay polar bears only, but we've also lost the "could soon be" from the Liberal Conspiracy "newswire" post - it's exactly the sort of sloppy mis-representative churnalism they quite rightly complain about so much.

A quick look on Polar Bears International gives a wider and more rounded picture of the situation. Yes there is decline in populations but there's also increase in others and of the 19 sub-populations, there isn't enough data for 35% of them to establish what their status is.

Hey ho!

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