Thursday, July 08, 2010

The firebrands are back, and don't they look silly

If there's to be something, nay anything amusing about the Labour party finding itself on the Opposition benches after 13 years in office it has to be the resurrection of firebrand synthetic anger and gibbering idiocy that was so absent when they were in power.

It is a wonderful testament to the genus politicus that within a matter of month so many who were essentially on the centre and proposing cuts can veer wildly like a blind man driving a car wildly to the Left and scream like the end of civilisation is occurring.

I doubt it will be long before we see digital WWI style "satire" portraying the Lib Dems and Tories as baby-eating monsters.

Take, for example, Tom Watson's outburst in Parliament yesterday where he got synthetically angry when Tony Baldry noted the synthetic anger on the Labour benches. He ranted on about how,
"the pupils in Sandwell have seen what the new politics is... You're a miserable pipsqueak of a man, Gove."
Tom, seriously, put whatever sugar you've been consuming down and take a reality check. The "pupils" you refer to for the most part wouldn't know, and for most part probably don't care. I doubt few of them are screaming about how they want their new wall, desk, roof or chair - far more likely they want the latest XBox 360 game to hit the shelves.

Screaming like a petulant teenager about the outrage of it all is hardly edifying, and frankly speaking, makes you look like a complete cock. Where was this anger when your party was in power and cutting NHS services in the name of "modernisation"? Oh yes, that's right, nowhere.

Then we have David Miliband, using words like "ruthless" to describe the Budget, as if people in the Government, Lib Dem or Tory, are actually having fun taking scissors to budgets and are in fact in some sort of nasty cabal that secretly meets to find out how it can bend the poor over and screw them.

For God sake man, grow up.

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