Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Is the MoD selling kit to its own soldiers?

For many years now with startling regularity we hear news story that tell us how the military has been so underfunded that soldiers have had to buy their own kit, lest go into theatre without adequate equipment or protection. The long-running accusations were even said to be the catalyst for the mole that leaked MPs expenses to the Daily Telegraph.

I've often wondered exactly where the soldiers buy their own kit from, and it never occurred to me, until properly browsing a site I have blogged about before, that they might, in fact, be actually buying this kit through the MoD's very own eDisposals website.

You can but all manner of kit, including a Mobile Hydration System and, my personal favourite, a Brennen Skin Graft Mesher 4:1 although it is "untested and comes with No Guarantee".

Does make you wonder though, whilst soldiers are saying they're buying their own kits, are they actually buying it through a website run by their own bosses?

, tasty ship for sale for the right price! Would work well for carrying aid somewhere probably.

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