Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is class war against the military coming?

Call me suspicious, but I have a funny feeling that we may see Labour attack the Government over the fact that the MoD gives an allowance to military personnel and some civilians posted overseas so that their children can have a stable education.... in other words, boarding school.

The former minister David Hanson has been asking questions about how much is spent "on private or independent education of children of serving military or defence personnel" and the figures provided certainly look like a bit of "class war" ammunition.

Currently the MoD spends £172.8 million each year on the allowance, although that does not mean it is going to private education as it could be being spent in state boarding schools. However, I doubt that will change any potential line of attack.

Argument about "school cuts" juxtaposed against "posh private education for top brass military" coming to a screen near you very soon methinks.

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