Monday, May 17, 2010

Mid-Wife Crisis - life with a Labour MP?

OK, so unlike Tamzin Lightwater it's not likely that she's close to anyone going for the Labour leadership, and, to be honest, it's not clear if it's even real, but there is a "new blog on the block" which is rather funny called Mid-Wife Crisis and appears to be a cross between Bridget Jones and The Thick Of It, being written, allegedly, by staffer to a Labour MP (The Boss) who's found himself in Opposition.
Wednesday 12th May

I'd quite like to have hung a few MPs, starting with The Boss. He's driving Greg and I nuts, moaning about being in opposition. We can't see what difference it'll make, given that he's been voting against the Government at every opportunity for the last 13 years anyway. That's probably why he didn't lose his seat.

Friday 14th May

Back to work and The Boss is still hanging around in the office. Wish he'd bugger off to Westminster and annoy the London staff for a change. Thanks to the election, he's been here constantly for the last month, using my computer and causing havoc. When I switch it on today, up comes a notification - 79 print jobs pending. He just can't seem to grasp that we connect to the Parliamentary system by remote access, stupid man. All you have to do is accept that there's often a delay between issuing a command and its implementation, but no - that's beyond his comprehension. He just keeps on clicking away - swearing furiously - until the system crashes, at which point he stomps off, leaving me to sort it out. And his is one of the brains we rely on to run the country!
I hope, if it's real, she's sufficiently masked people around her such that few will know who she is, although, I fear, that may be difficult so it may not last long if they get found out - a shame as she writes very well.

Definitely worth bookmarking.

Note: Since doing this post, Molly has set up a Twitter profile and has given her MP a name - not his real one assuming it is real. Still funny to read though.

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