Friday, May 07, 2010

Final thoughts until Monday

I realise that it's not all over yet, but this really is going to be the last post until Monday, whatever might happen during the rest of the day. I made a promise to Mrs Dizzy that after last night I would take a break whatever the result, majority or Hung Parliament.

In a few hours, I think David Cameron is going to make some overtures to the Lib Dems after Clegg stuck to his word and said that the Tories have the most votes and most seats so have the right to seek to govern first.

Personally, I would put a referendum about electoral reform on the table with the caveat that sides campaign freely on the issue. Whether that happens is anyone's guess. My hope is that Gordon Brown will be gone before the end of the weekend.

As an aside, Jack Dromey has just been on the BBC saying that the election is clearly a rejection of the Tories by the country. I think there was some smoke rising behind him from the crack pipe as he pushed the line that even though 2 million more people voted for the Tories people really had actually rejected them.

Back Monday.

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