Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saint Johnson/Grayling/Huhne? - what's the smell?

Just a few moments ago, in the BBC2 debate of the three potential Home Secretaries, Andrew Neill asked a "yes/no" question of whether they had ever broken the law. Alan Johnson, Chris Grayling, and Chris Huhne all gave an emphatic "no".

Now let's be serious, does anyone think that the answer is credible? Are they seriously telling us they've never gone 31mph in a 30mph? Over 70mph on a motorway? Thrown a bit of litter on the ground? Kept quiet when someone gave the the wrong change in a shop? [insert other menial crime that people commit everyday and get away with here]

Sorry, but I don't believe it, and if one of them had said "Yes, I've definitely broken the speed limit but I didn't get caught", or, "I went fishing with a knife in my bag and carried it down the street" most people would probably like them more rather than the pathetic attempt to paint themselves as holier than thou Saints.

I won't call them liars because I can't prove they are, but I might call them all Billy Bullshitters.

UPDATE: I was making coffee when this question was asked and apparently Neill excluded motoring offences and must have missed it. Still don't believe them though.

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