Monday, March 01, 2010

Pro-EU Lib Dems opposed to people using the EU common market?

Interesting Early Day Motion here by Norman Baker that sayd,
That this House notes the high frequency of hauliers transporting large amounts of fuel into the UK via ferries and the Channel Tunnel to avoid UK fuel duty charges; further notes with concern that this practice may compromise safety on these routes by increasing the risk of fire; and therefore calls on the Government to impose a limit on the amount of fuel individual hauliers may transport into the UK of 100 litres per vehicle.
Now, apart from the obvious way of solving this by reducing the tax on fuel, isn't it rather odd that an MP from a pro-EU party would be getting rather upset at businesses taking advantage of the free trade area of the EU?

Like I say, the only reason UK hauliers are having to do this is because the tax on fuel in the UK is exponentially higher than in the rest of the EU. Cut the level of tax and you won't see hauliers reduced to buying it elsewhere and transporting it to their own premises.

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