Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A polite message for @johnprescott

I don't actually know if John Prescott really updates Twitter personally like he claims he does, but the other week his profile posted the comment below and he then went on to create a tag called #iwanttoseeosbornepwned.

I have a polite message for John, or whichever "never had a proper job" dick does the Twitter updates, and it's this.

Trying to appropriate the use of Net and gaming sub-culture makes you look like a complete cock, OK? It's up there with a David Brent moment where you cringe so much you want to crawl into a small hole and look away from the world. What next I wonder, a decision to have a core vote strategy called "all your base are belong to us"?

Does anyone for a single minute think Prescott understands that he's using leetspeak? Does anyone think he has heard of Half-Life? Quake or fragging? Does he know what a railgun is or what BFG stands for in the world that he wants to seem so very "in touch" with?

John, seriously, stop it. Step away from the keyboard, put down the Crackberry. I appreciate you have to sometimes drop some vowels in words to work within the 140 character limit, however, using Internet slang doesn't make you a digital cowboy, it just makes you look like an arsehead.

UPDATE: One other thing John, if your language appropriation was genuine rather than a cynical attempt to look hip you'd have gone the whole hog and said this in your tweet instead,
"total pwnage on osborne over ashcroft FTW. tim masrhall haz madskillz roflcopter!!!11one Y no clip @skynewspolitics? teh ph33r?"
Note: Tweet translation services provided by Aminal.

Update II: Shame Twitter won't let you post this really.
L /---------
LOL=== []\
L \ \
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