Friday, March 05, 2010

It's about time we had an Energy Hour

Apologies for the slightly ranting and tempestuous tone of this post, but I'm getting rather irked by this "save energy, save the planet" theme that the environmnetal lobby ram down everyone's throats constantly, abnd is epitomised by global "initiatives" like Earth Hour, where we're all supposed to turn off our already energy saving lightbulbs for the evening to save a little more energy.

If you take the argument of man-made climate change at face value, surely things like this should be describes as "Save energy! Prolong our reliance on fossil fuels that we say cause all the problems!". Seriously, shouldn't we, instead of having an "Earth Hour" where we save energy, have an "Energy Hour" where we gorge ourselves silly on the stuff, thus burning more gas and oil and thereby providing more incentive to find decent renewable alternatives because we dwindle the reserves?

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