Thursday, February 25, 2010

What is there to negotiate?

So, apparently Argentina have asked the UN to get the UK to negotiate on Falklands sovereignty, and for the umpteenth time this week I find myself asking "what is there to negotiate?".

The Falklands have a somewhat patchy sovereignty history, but what is pretty clear is that Britain has pretty much had control of the islands since the end of the 17th century (although there was a period where a deal with Spain was done), then in 1833 reasserted its sovereignty permanently.

Argentina, or what was the United Provinces of South America, only ever claimed sovereignty for a two and half year stint in the first half of the 19th century prior to 1833. They did of course invade in 1982, and then got their arses handed to them on a plate by Britain, an act of self-defence as agreed by Security Council resolution 502 - sovereignty was effectively resolved by this and the conflict.

Although ironically the total death toll of the conflict was higher than the number of people living on the islands.

Anyhow, seems to me the only reason Argentina is getting shirty once again is because if oil is found it will make the islands rich and they rather fancy that cash flow. They also probably calculate that a bit of sabre rattling at us when we are overstretched militarily already can't hurt.

I do hope David Miliband tells them to bugger off.. in the politest possible way of course.

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