Thursday, February 04, 2010

US media giants employs lawyers to take down "Tory Politico"

Now this is truly astounding. The UK blog, has received cease and desist legal threats from a Washington DC law firm acting as counsel for Capital News Company who run the US site claiming they have the trademark right on the word "politico", here what they say,

Oh dear, using Alexa as a judgment is a bit silly. Especially as Jason, who runs the site notes,
While I can understand why they are saying only 57% of visitors are from the UK this is a wholly false claim. According to Google Analytics, which has been tracking traffic since the site launched, 85% of readers are from the UK with only 5% coming from within the United States.
Hopefully he is going to stand firm against the claim that he is barred from using the word "politico" in his name.

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