Tuesday, February 09, 2010

MP calls for laws to stop people being rude on Facebook

Another day, another Early Day Motion that won't produce anything but does give you a feeling for the way some of our MPs appear to want to take the Chinese approach to the internet.
That this House condemns certain user groups on Facebook who target, harass and mock vulnerable or grieving people; notes that the written and graphic content of these groups can be extremely offensive and damaging to individuals and to society generally; believes that Facebook has a duty to protect users from abuse and to prevent or remove extreme distasteful content; and calls on the Government urgently to review national policies on policing hateful material on the internet and press Facebook immediately to remove any content of this nature and if it refuses, to legislate to protect society from the irresponsible actions of Facebook.
Facebook is of course American, it's hosted in California, so clearly Bob has not heard of the First Amendment or doesn;t think freedom of speech is that worthwhile?

Feel free to join the open Bob Spink is a bald git that should leave Facebook alone group on Facebook and leave an offensive message.

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