Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lobby me this, and lobby me that?

A little late to the party with comment but hey, it's fashionable right? Last week, PR Week reported that bloggers were set to be given access to the infamous Lobby - the place where hacks learn about plots and get briefed by politicians who have axes to grind against other politicians and/or policy.

Epolitix has followed up on the story, and name checked me, along with Guido and Iain Dale and possible "popular bloggers" because, whilst we may not be "proper journalist" we do have a "reasonably large number of subscribers or viewers" (just shy of 15,000 absolute unique visitors (according to Google) in the last week (yes that was "stat porn") and excessive use of parentheses)).

The thing is, would I actually want a Lobby Pass? I can't help but wonder "what would be the point?". After all, I have a real job, in the real world. I wouldn't ever use the thing - other than to drink cheaply.

Don't get me wrong, if I won the Lottery tomorrow then yes, perhaps I would quit my job and apply for a pass, but I have more chance of bumping into Sherilyn Fenn than that happening right?

It's all well and good to open the Lobby to bloggers, but the truth is, as Iain said, it would only really make sense for those such as ConHome, LabourList or LibDem Voice, who at least have some sort of financial backing, or are operated by people who have the ability to put the time in to make it worth it and still pay their bills.

Of course, if someone came along and said they'd pay me the same as I earn now [subtle hint] then things might be different. However, I really am a one man show, currently sitting in a makeshift office in a converted cellar, so the likelihood that I would receive funding is the same as the aforementioned lottery win.

I won't go as far as to say "no thanks" as Iain did. Having the pass and never using it other than to drink subsidised booze would be nice, but I have bills to pay, so unless someone pays them it's never going to happen with any actual commitment to use the pass for the blog.

Update: In light on Iain Dale's post in his Daley Dozen I would like to officially offer my bottom to the highest bidder - just be aware that as I work in the IT industry and have done for over a decade you either couldn't afford me or wouldn't be willing to pay as much as I would need.

Note to Self: Work on your sarcasm.

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