Tuesday, February 09, 2010

@Kevin_Maguire gets his tweets read out in Parliament

Oh Lord, what has Twitter become! Whilst I don't agree with Maguire's politics, I did find this little retelling of his Twitter updates in Parliament rather amusing. Stupid Lib Dem activists!
I spoke this morning to Kevin Maguire, the respected Daily Mirror political journalist. He told me to check what was going on, and I had a look on his Twitter page. I know that we all need to be careful about Twitter, but apparently he was sitting on a train and updating it. I shall read through what his page said, as he suggested I should. First, he wrote:

“On train a bloke’s boasting on mobile he got Evening Standard to claim Lab has secret plans to shut Kingston Hospital”.

The next post was:

“Train bloke now boasting the hospital scare story cooked up at his kitchen table. Very proud of Facebook following”.


“He’s ‘a manifesto to write’. Tory? Wearing Hibs scarf. Clocking his details. May sneak photo to track down. Or could always ask!”

The next post begins, “Name’s Dan”, and then gives part of his telephone number and continues:

“Wondering if he’s a Lib Dem.”

The next post reads:

“Got Hospital Closure Man’s pic. Going into meeting then will discover who Dan is”.

Then the next one:

“This is the Kingston hospital scare bloke. Anyone know him? He’s a loud mouth in public places”.

And then:

“Ta all Tweeters. Hospital phone man ID’d as Lib Dem activist Dan Falchikov. He should stop SHOUTING on train”.

I bet the hon. Members for Richmond Park and for Kingston and Surbiton wish he would stop shouting on trains, because it appears to have disclosed the nature of what is going on here.
The power of teh interweb huh? Still requires stupid people to be overheard by journalists of course.

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