Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gordon Adolf Stalin Brown

Something rather amusing as occured to me after seeing that Iain Dale had posted some artwork that took a picture of Hitler and made Gordon Brown look like him (see below) - clever use of "Reign of Error" I think.

Now, the reaction to the post, mainly from the Left, including Labour MPs and left-aligned journalists, has been comment on Iain's lack of judgement. After all, Hitler was a nasty bastard who ordered the death of quite a few million, not to mention Godwin's Law etc.

What strikes me as amusing though, is the lack of equal concerns about judgement when Channel 4, thanks to Beau Bo D'Or, mocked Brown up as Stalin, or when the Times did it too (courtesy of The Spine).

Why did no one complain about judgement or taste back then? After all, in the murderous bastard stakes Stalin has Hitler totally owned. Hitler has what? Six to seven million dead human beings on his record? Meanwhile Stalin has around 40 million.

Shouldn't mocking Gordon Brown up as Hitler be less worse than mocking him up as Stalin?

I do love a good bit of synthetic outrage to point at and mock. It really lightens up an otherwise mundane Sunday afternoon.

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