Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Parliament helps you keep up to date with Clark County Wisconsin

Did you know that you can register for email alert updates from Passaic County, New Jersey through the UK Parliament website?

You can sign up here - you know you want too.

Also available, are email alert updates from the San Diego Cooperative Charter School (handy!); Burnsville, Minnesota (wonder if they have arson problems?); Cass County, North Dakota; Clark County Wisconsin, and the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, MN. All available to you by clicking on to

If you're wondering why these are on the Parliamentary website they're not really. It seems the Government likes to use an American company called GovDelivery to help it "engage", but they don't seem to know how to set up proper virtual hosting so that pages for random clients are not displayed on other clients domains.

Good init?

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