Thursday, January 14, 2010

My friend of a friend said that his niece's cousin's uncle said....

Earlier today I commented on the difference between the engagement between Labour and the Tories online, noting that where Labour had managed to get a massive 9 people to vote for the user submitted "campaigns" on their website, the Tories had managed 40,000+ votes on ideas about their Health Manifesto.

Since then a new campaign has appears on LabourSpace which states,
My campaign is against the Conservatives, they have told a person I know (that person has until recently been a member of the Conservative Party and was told by their leader, David Cameron MP) that they intent to abolish the NMW, apply charges like paying for borrowing books in libaries, using PC's in libraries, cut public services (including around 80.000 hospital beds) and raise the cost of some services, and people would have to start paying for health care and treatment once te treament is completed, and raise council tax in areas where the council tax is low - they think once in power thy can tell councils what to demand. I strongly object to those intentions, anyone else being of my opinion should help me with this campaign - Do not let David Cameron into No. 10.

Commentators keep saying that this is going to be an "Internet" election. From where I'm standing it's more likely going to be an election that sees Labour members randomly make stuff up and pass it off as a Tory policy on "teh interweb" - not that the official party doesn't manage it well already of course.

Did I tell you by the way that I met a bloke in the pub who used to be a member of the Labour Party who told me that he had been told by Gordon Brown that they intended to slaughter every first born child and feed the entrails to a pack of foxhounds that were baying for blood since the hunting ban?

Not a word of lie, I swear it to be true. This guy wouldn't lie he's a 24-carat diamond!

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