Thursday, January 07, 2010

KFC Australia dumps "racist" advert

If you ever wanted a good example identity politics being completely ludicrous and annoying then look no further than what's kicking off for Kentucky Fried Chicken over an advert its been running in Australia for Australians during the Australia/West Indies cricket matches. Here it is,

Apparently, it seems the advert made its way on to 'teh interweb' and some people in America saw it and decided that rather than it being about an Aussie cricket fan being surrounded by Windies fans and seeking to quiet things down, it was actually about some American stereotype that all black people eat fried chicken (news to me), and so, you guessed it, it's racist.

KFC have now dumped the advert in Australia because it upset some people in America who didn't get that it wasn't making using a racial connotation.

Note: Cue random aspersions about Aussies all being criminals, Yanks being thick and people from the West Indies smoking too much grass in the comments.

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