Monday, January 25, 2010

Could May 6th gaffes be misdirection?

So yesterday, Bob Ainsworth joined two other ministers in making a "gaffe" and referring to a General Election on May 6th - allegedly the worst kept secret in Westminster after that other one about a high profile politician having an as yet undisclosed affair with another MP.

Now, I realise this is terribly cynical, and perhaps the last thirteen years of "spin" have led to me instinctively wonder upon what else might be being hidden, but what is the likelihood that the May 6th gaffes, which are coming thick and fast, are deliberate?

If you keep on having people that might be "in the know" making slip up saying one date, couldn't it be that they're doing it in order to lull others into a false sense of security and planning? In other words, plan for March, but keep letting slip it's going to be May, so that when you do finally make the announcement you catch the other sides unaware?

Could be - and probably am - wrong of course. Just seems odd to me that so many of them seem to be making the "gaffe". Than again, maybe I just watch to much Hustle and try to hard to look for possible misdirection.

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