Thursday, January 07, 2010

Are the 'webby tectonic plates' moving against Brown?

Back in September, September 7th to be absolutely specific ( a few weeks before the beginning of the Labour Conference), someone registered a couple of domain names within five minutes of each other and enabled some privacy on their contact details.

The first was for just one year. Five minutes later they also registered for a year too. Whilst I've known about the domains since they were registered, I never bothered posting about them because they both just led to domain parking pages.

However, I mention them now, in light of yesterday's events (and David Miliband's luke warm support for Brown), as one of the domains has moved from being parked into a formal paid for hosting package.

It's the second of the two domains,, which has suddenly become password protected and, after asking the server some polite questions, it told me that it now has a hosting control panel* set up on it (this will appear if you cancel the password protection login screen twice).

Wonder who is hiding what? Could it be David? Might it be Ed? It might even be nothing? All we can say is that someone has spent some more money on proper hosting and is working on something behind there.

All very curious!

* cpanel is used for installing software such as Wordpress, other content management systems, mailing list etc, as well as managing email accounts and the like if you can't do it using the command line.

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