Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Is something happening with the Lords before the election then?

Following on from yesterday's post, blogging will be light but don't expect absolutely nothing from me as I will have the odd moment, probably in the mornings like now where I can post something.

So here's a little one for you on the day of the Pre-Budget Report, there's going to be a little chat today in Parliament about the House of Lords here's the invite (highlighted bit by me)
Subject: Current prospects for House of Lords reform - Library talk

Current prospects for House of Lords reform
Dr. Meg Russell, Constitution Unit, University College London

What will the House of Lords look like post-election? More importantly, what is it likely to do in the medium term? If peers can resign, will they shake up the constitution still further? Dr Meg Russell, from the Constitution Unit, University College London, explores the implications of current debates; and, in particular, the Bill currently in front of the House.

Macmillan Room, 4pm, Wednesday 9 December. Call 3666 to reserve your place.
Is that a trick question? Surely the House of Lords post-election will look exactly the same as the House of Lords pre-election? Or does someone know something that no one else does?

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