Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fight, fight, fight!

Oh my there is a little fight going on between my mate, the Devil's Kitchen and the immensely right on Sunny Hundal after DK commented on one of Sunny's posts about class war being a great strategy.

To summarise, DK has quite rightly pointed out that the politics of identity that Sunny specialises in are divisive and hypocritical because whilst he bangs on relentlessly about the evils of racism and arbitrary discrimination upon specific identity groups he is quite happy to cast arbitrary judgements upon people around the notion of class.

I can't say I disagree with DK's analysis of Sunny and identity politics in general. It has always struck me as richly ironic that people like Sunny complain so ferociously about racism yet have no qualms in making discriminatory judgement on people because of what they perceive as class privilege.

Of course, as DK points out, his post led to a Twitter storm of comments against him from Sunny's many cheerleaders, who claimed, as Sunny rather idiotically did, that DK was saying that class is a type of race, which of course he didn't, but was rather pointing out that when someone is labelled by their class it happens because of their parents not them, much like if you are born with green skin.

It's not a rocket science argument to understand really.

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