Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Would the "Blaney's Blarney Order" apply to this?

Some people may recall that back in October, Donal Blaney, via Griffin Law, managed to get an order in court, dubbed the "Blaney's Blarney Order", that allowed for an injunction to be served on Twitter in the UK.

Specifically the order required that an unknown Twitter user anonymously posting under the same name as someone else, and effectively impersonating them, could be ordered to stop posting and immediately identify themselves.

I mention this because it would be interesting to see if the legal precedent also applied to this, which is patently fake, but that is also, ironically enough, given publicity by those who claim to hate all forms of identity fakery online.

Then again, Richard Littlejohn might not actually care about it, but it would interesting to see if the order applied equally to this sort of thing.

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