Friday, October 23, 2009

What complete and utter zebu!

Yesterday, I received a book through the post (crazy days huh?) which is one of the funniest thing I've read for a very long time. It's called the Complete And Utter Zebu: The Shocking Lies We're Told Every Day and is written by Simon Rose and Steve Caplin.

It's not about politics per se, rather its about the immense world of bullshit that we now live in, including call centre staff with their insincere phrases; estate agents and the sneaky lying they do; supermarkets and their dodgy "special offers"; your lying speedometer; and the difference between "flavour" and "flavoured".

The book is what I call a "Toilet Book", that is to say it can be put by the loo and dipped into quite easily in a random way. It officially published on November 3rd, but you can order it on Amazon here and might get it in time for Christmas if the post works.

* Zebu (n). 1. A grotesque South American mammal whose tough meat is often passed off as 'British steak' in pubs and restaurants. 2. Lies, deception, bullsh!t.

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