Tuesday, October 06, 2009

PPCs run scared of Crick - why?

Just a quick comment whilst I travel up to Manchester, but who the hell is responsible for the media training of Tory PPCs? I ask purely because last night BBC Newsnight showed Michael Crick trying to get some of them to make a comment on Europe and they all made complete tits of themselves. One of them just kept saying "no comment" as if he had been arrested with a pocketful of Columbian marching powder. Another suddenly pointed off into the distance and shouted "David! How are you" and marched off.

Now obviously Crick was trying to make trouble having heard a rumour that orders from upon high had been received by PPCs to avoid talking about Europe at all costs, but come on, there is avoiding the questions artfully, and then there is quite literally running away from the cameras and making a fool of yourself. Yesterday on the conference platform there was a discussion which focused on the need to end the rise of the career politicians, and yet here we had PPC running away from the camera rather than just answering the question by holding a line.

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