Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Politician's Solution: Commission a report and get the proles to pay

Should we use bottled water or tap water? that is the question on the lips on Parliamentarians desperate to be seen to be doing their bit for the whole carbon footprint. After all, it was only back in Februrary 2008 that the former Environment minister, Phil Woolas (now at the Home Office I think) said that the amount we all spend on bottled water "borders on being morally unacceptable".

Thus it seems perfectly justifiable does it not that the House of Commons Commission spent £7000 on a report titled "A carbon comparison of water provision options for the House of Commons committee rooms"? Yes, seriosuly, they spent £7000 on writing a report to help them decide whether they should buy water in bottles or turn the tap on instead like the rest of us proles do.

Now I know, £7000 may seem like small change in the schemes of the financial mess that Gordon Brown has created for us with his dodgy figures, constant lying and general incompetence, but is it really sensible to spend taxpayers money to the value of a small car in order to decide whether you should use tap water or not?

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