Thursday, October 08, 2009

Party for Change open to all

Well it's the last day of the conference today, and in true and highly fashionable style I shall be buggering off before Cameron makes his speech. This is a personal record for me because in Blackpool I left half way through it, now I'm not even bothering to stay. To be fair though it's because of other commitments, but I digress.

Last night was the "Party For Change" now, I don't know about you but I'm starting to find the "for Change" marketing slightly annoying. We've got "Ready for Change", "Now for Change", I'm surprised no one has mocked up "Champagne for Change" frankly. Here's the thing about the party last night, of the 1000+ there how many were actually connected to the conference?

Why, you may wonder am I asking this? Well, the club it was held in - Pure - is massive with a 3000+ capacity, and it appears that tickets for the event were also sold by the club on their website to the "ordinary folks" as it were. Thus you had the highly amusing scenario of suited and booted pissed up Tories larging it up with Mancs dressed in flashing bunny ears.

All very inclusive

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