Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Liz Truss silliness in South West Norfolk

First things first I guess I should declare an interest. I know Liz Truss. We don't know each other well, but I was a Tory candidate in 2006 Greenwich Council at the same time as her, albeit for a different ward.

She had a chance of winning her ward and did; I along with a colleague, didn't stand a chance but managed to frighten Labour into actually doing telling at polling stations in a ward they would normally not bother with - I like to think that my colleague and I redirected Labour resources towards us which helped some others win their seats - however I digress.

Back in 2006, during the election campaign, there was sheer panic from some members of Greenwich Conservatives one weekend when the Daily Mail ran a story titled "A-list Tory's affair with married Cameron high-flyer". The more relaxed members of the association, like the leader of the Council group, were not quite so panicked by it.

At the time I commented that surely having an extra-marital affair made her more than qualified to be a Tory candidate - ever the sarky and irreverent sod that I am.

Anyhow, as most will no doubt be aware, Liz was selected by South West Norfolk Tories at the weekend as their PPC. A few days later some of the no doubt older and pompous amongst the Association discovered, to their horror no less, that Liz had had an affair with someone who is now a front bencher and, they say, she didn't tell them about it. Thus they have now referred her selection once more to the full association.

Now I know others like Iain Dale have said it already, but frankly if South West Norfolk Tories are going to select a candidate, having softed CVs and carried out interviews, you'd have thought, perhaps, they might have just fucking googled her as well? Saying this, maybe teh interweb superroadway isn't quite there yet in Norfolk?
I guess it would be inappropriate at this point to make a regional stereotype joke and ask if the affair had been with a close relative, the good people of Norfolk might not have been so appalled, so I won't.

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