Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's all about the money not gay rights

Last night will go down in my memory as the most surreal event I've ever been too. I attended the Conference Pride gay event in Canal Street and the most bizarre and equally hilarious thing was the protesters outside.

There were, as I said on twitter, pro-gay, anti-tory protesters, but then, on the other side of the road there were religious fundamentalist screaming about the abomination of it all. Unquestionably amusing to watch - especially when Iain Dale had a chat with them.

It is vitally important to remember this though, the non-religious protesters were not there because of gay rights, they were there because they just hate Tories, especially if you have money, what's more, if you're a gay millionaire then you're even worse. Honestly, look...
Oh and Landlords are bastards too it seems.

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