Sunday, October 25, 2009

Avenue Q - Everyone's a little bit racist

Last night I finally saw, after many months of wanting to, Avenue Q on Shaftsbury Avenue. If you're not away of it, its a musical with puppets that essentially takes the piss out of Sesame Street whilst also dealing with adult issues, like pornography, homosexuality and racism.

It is, wihtout a doubt, one of the funniest things I've seen on stage for a long time. What I thought was particularly interesting was the song, "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" which you can listen to below.

Now I'm sure some might think it's meant to be postmodern and ironic, and that you're laughing at those being racist, not with them when they are. However, satrically speaking it also make a rather salient point about how bigotry is not exclusive to one particular skin colour or religion, something which is often not conceded by those of a vehemently anti-inequality bent.

Anyhow, great show, well worth watching.

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