Friday, September 18, 2009

Why can't the Telegraph be as nice as Private Eye?

No, I'm not back, I've only just surfaced for Lemsip and will be sleeping again shortly, but I just wanted to post because a piece in the Telegraph has been drawn to my attention. It';s written by Tim walker (edited by Richard Eden) and is titled Does leadership website disclose David Miliband's true intentions?

If you read my one and only post yesterday it may sound familiar to you. That's because it's a rewritten version of my post. Imitation, flattery etc etc. I wonder though, why the Telegraph can't be as nice as Private Eye when it comes to using posts?

Back in July I did this post. At the beginning of August, Private Eye got in touch and asked if I minded if they used. I cheerily told them they could use it, without credit no less, if I could have free subscription, which they duly arranged.

Now that is surely the way it ought to work. I was quite chuffed really, as I can now write into the Editor of Private Eye and threaten to cancel my subscription in disgust as per the contractual requirements of subscription holders to said organ. Anyhow, must log off now.

P.S. FYI to the Telegraph hacks. The invoice is on its way ;-)

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