Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking things literally....

I found this response to a Freedom of Information request rather amusing,
I refer to your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for information asking: -
  • How long have you been doing your job (taken to be a question addressed to me)
I started in my current position on the 25 September 2006.
  • How would you as an individual define theft (again taken to be a question addressed to me)
This information is not held by the Department for Transport as it is my personal opinion
on the matter.
  • How many times in the past has the job of Secretary of State for Transport been held by a House of Lords representative and the length of time the job was held
The Department for Transport was formed in May 2002. One House of Lords representative has held the position of Secretary of State since then. Andrew Adonis was appointed on the 5 June 2009 and is the current Secretary of State for Transport.
Something tells me the person submitting the request was addressing the first two question to Lord Adonis. I bet the civil servant that answered knew it too but laughed when he responded - I would have.

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