Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Earth Deal?

Rather interesting, John Prescott has been all over the news today talking about the launch of New Earth Deal. I see that at the bottom corner of the website it says it is powered by "Game Changer".

Game Changer being a campaigning PR consultancy, who have as their MD and co-founder David Prescott. That would be son of the aforementioned John Prescott. The other co-founder is Alex Hilton (Labour PPC for Chelsea and Fulham).

The site seems to me to be a blatent party political campaign (see anti-Tory Twitter comments on it) masquerading as some sort of supranational quasi-Government campaign.

I wonder how hard the tendering process was for David Prescott's company to do a site that prominently features his Dad? A man who even more laughably is now a professor at a Chinese University on the subject of climate change.

Who paid? Was it European taxpayers? The Council of Europe logo is included after all and it doesn't run on pixie juice!

Update: Alex Hilton assures in the comments that it was all done as a big favour for gratis due to "passionately" believing in the project. Alex has also moaned that I didn't call him and ask my questions. Just as easy to do it here I say.

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