Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Moonpig would be cheaper

Parliament may be in recess, but I'd thought I'd take a look at the last few wastes of money Early Day Motions tabled before the summer holidays and found this one,
That this House congratulates Winnie Ewing on her 80th birthday; notes Dr Ewing's remarkable contribution to public life as one of the most influential Scotswomen of her generation, serving in the House of Commons, the European Parliament and the Scottish Parliament; believes that her determination, ambition, and her dedication to Scotland is inspirational to all who believe that the world can be improved through politics; and further notes that her nickname, Madame Ecosse, testifies to the affection and respect in which she is and will continue to be held.
About a Scottish Nationalist and signed by only Scottish Nationalists. Cost to the taxpayer for this birthday card? Approximately £300 given it has four signatures.

Cheaper to go to Moonpig.com surely?

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