Monday, August 03, 2009

The First Secretary of State and "photos"?

I see there some more talk this morning on the possibility of Peter Mandelson somehow getting back in the Commons and becoming a potential leadership candidate should Brown decide to do the McCavity act and sod off.

This got me wondering about a Mandelson website and quite inexplicably I stumbled upon something that has mildly amused me with titilation and giggles. You see, back when Mandy was an MP, he had his website at as the Web Archive shows (pictured right).

The domain and website at the time was hosted and managed for Mandelson by a guy called Chris Morris through a company called 4d Media. Not the Chris Morris of Brasseye fame, but rather some guy called Chris Morris that is into neuro-linguistic programming. Mandelson declared this in his register of interests.

Around the time that Mandelson left the Commons for the EU, his website stopped working, and simply displayed the following instead. All pretty benign really.

Then I decided to pop Chris Morris's name into Google along with his company name, and discovered another website he appears to have been running concurrently whilst helping Mandy all those years ago.

The site in question is something called errmmm "" (pictured below) which specialises in "High quality, exclusive photos and videos of 18-21yr old British boys" and is "© Chris Morris and 4d Media Limited, UK".

Now... there have been some on "teh web" that have got overly excited about the possibility of Mandelson being linked to a guy involved with NLP. Basically the EU Common Purpose paranoia hat comes on and talk of a big conspiracy for Mandelson to take over the world through hypnosis ensues.

I on the other hand, think a link between Peter Mandelson's website and a gay porn site, complete with "barebacking" and "rough fucks" is far more amusing. Not that I'm suggesting for a split second that Mandelson is even aware of the site you understand, far from it, I just think it's deliciously amusing in a childish and puerile way.

For added amusement I also found a document with an article by Mandelson in it when he was Chair of Policy Network. The picture of him in the document is copyrighted to 4d Media, (original here, mirrorred copy here). Evidently the photo is not a "high quality, exclusive photo or video of an 18-21yr old British boy" but it still came from their portfolio.

Now isn't that funny in a kind of point and giggle type way?

Update: Please be aware that pointless homophobic stuff in the comments is unlikely to be moderated through.

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