Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The slippery slope!

Look, I know I'm a cynical bastard OK, I can't help, but when I read this morning about a crackdown on sunbeds I did my usual rolling of eyes mainly because I think if people want to take the risk of cancer by smoking or tanning then so be it.

However, whilst driving and listening to Today I heard some woman on there talking about the report and saying how the UV from sunbeds was as strong as the sun in the Mediterranean, something also noted in the Guardian article which said that a tanning machine in "two minutes gave the user the same UV exposure as a fortnight's holiday in the Mediterranean."

So, as the cynic in me raced to the surface, I'm wondering whether there will be calls soon for either (a) the regulation of holidays to the Mediterranean (added bonus of helping the British holiday market), or (b) calls to regulate or even ban the big cancer causing ball of fire in the sky?

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