Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lord Michael Martin? WTF?

Imagine, if you will, that an Executive board member of a FTSE 100 company was found to have been presiding over a massive accounting misdemeanor in the company, that meant most of the staff were constantly taking the Michael (no pun intended) and submitting dodgy claims for taxis, food, and other expenses from the company.

Imagine too that this Executive board member decided that given his position in the whole mess he should resign. Now imagine if he resigned and he was suddenly made a non-Executive director of the same company by the Managing Director. Meanwhile, in the lower ranks of the company the others caught up by a scandal were looking for new work and packing up their desks in disgrace.

That would be a pretty poor state of affairs wouldn't it? Yet the so-called Mother of Parliaments has done just that with Michael Martin, the disgraced Speaker of the Commons who oversaw the shambles that is the Expenses scandal. As a result of "convention" he gets to wear a silly cloak and take a life peerage in the Second Chamber.

Gordon Brown has no shame, and the UK is become a basket case of democracy where the elite at the top not only gorge themselves on our taxes but laugh at us when we catch them out by promoting someone to a sinecure for the rest of their life when they've quit in disgrace.

There is only one word for them. Bastards.

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