Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LabourList supports 'breaking and entering'?

Am slightly confused today by this nonsense on LabourList. From what I can tell the story goes like this.
  1. Vesta, Danish wind turbine company, based in the Isle of Wight, closes its factory down making its staff redundant. It does this because sales in Northern Europe are crap and it wants to go to America instead.
  2. Vesta request the police protect their closed down property from the formerly employed workers.
  3. Three members of the former staff breach the police cordon and stage a sit-in in the private property along with setting an accompanying blog.
  4. LabourList asks people to support the general political principles behind the breaking and entering of private property by former staff, on the grounds that Vesta are a 'corporate disgrace', and the Government could show environmental leadership.
Question 1. When was trespass and 'breaking and entering' made a non-arrestable offence? Question 2. If the answer to question 1 is that it hasn't, then why have the police not arrested them yet?

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