Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I wish I was a spaceman!

Kids TV huh? Not what it used to be is it? I'm just wondering what you all consider the absolute epitomy of televisual perfection from your childhood? More importantly, which was had that theme tune that just made you stop dead in your tracks and stare at the screen?

Could it be Thundercats? Might it be G_Force and Battle of the Panets. How about the Mysterious Cities of Gold?

For me, and this is a bit of a cheat really because it was on TV before I was born, but there was an old 78 record in the house of it that I used to play, Fireball XL5 did it for me, because, as the picture above suggests, I always wanted to be a spaceman.

So.... what about you?

UPDATE: The old man has been emailing me. Apparently he still has that cherished record in the loft.

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