Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have you seen a big cat?

One of the silly season stories doing the rounds this morning is the video of an alleged "big cat" in Scotland, filmed by a military policeman. So I;m wondering, has anyone else seen one these?

I ask because I have, twice. Both times have been in Buckinghamshire, although in completely different parts. The first time was about 15 years ago just before the turning for the road Chequers is on.

It was at night and as I drove down a hill I was confronted with this almighty great black cat standing in the road staying at me, eyes shining as you'd expect. It was about four feet long and at least two foot high. It just stood there for about five seconds and then wandered off into the woods.

I then turned around and drove to the local Police Station to report it and was met with a shrug and told I was the fourth person to report seeing it that night. The second time I saw was on the other side of Buckinghamshire near the Bedfordshire border just last year in very similar circumstances.

To be honest, the tales of big cats roaming around the Chilterns was something I had heard about since I was a kid. Along with the argument hat they were there because private collectors had freed them when licensing laws changed.

So, has anyone else seen one or do you all just think I'm saw something else?

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