Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gordon "pants on fire" Brown - he can't help it

Isn't it interesting that Gordon Brown is now desperately putting out the line of "I have always told the truth"? Interesting for two reasons primarily. Firstly because the statement itself is a lie for every single bloody one of us, which makes it quite hilarious frankly.

Secondly, it's interesting because the fact he feels the need to do interview where he insists he's telling the truth, is because he's finally realised that everyone thinks and knows he is a liar and if he just blusters on with his lies it just makes him look worse.

As I say though, the worst thing anyone can do, especially a politician, is tell you that they have always told the truth, because by implication they're saying they have never ever lied, and only a complete idiot would not know that that itself has to be a lie.

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