Saturday, July 18, 2009

Early Day Motion on Early Day Motions

On the morning of July 7th, I posed in support of Jonathan Shepard's campaign to scrap Early Day Motions (or at best reform the complete waste of money that is currently spent on them). Amusingly, later on that night James Graham posted a defence of EDMs and said,
we should be wary of this peevish campaign and question why they are hiding behind the veil of anonymity. Come out come out, wherever you are!
Strange that someone would think it was anonymous when not only I posted about it being started by Jonathan Shepard, but was highlighted on a number of blogs saying so, however, I digress.

The campaign has had a victory, Tom Levett MP has tabled a motion stating,

That this House believes that the routine publication of Early Day Motions by the House should henceforward be in electronic form only.
This would save masses of unnecessary printing costs that currently makes EDMs, when you take into account the really silly ones, worthless. Crucially it has cost less than £20 to have a campaign online to bring this about compared to the cost of EDMs. I wonder though that the point may sadly be proven that EDMs don't really change anything that often.

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